Louisville Spinning and Fitness - Red Ride FitnessWelcome to Red Ride Fitness

Red Ride Fitness is a boutique spinning and functional training studio founded on the key belief that when choosing your workout, intensity matters.  Our mission at Red Ride Fitness is based on four key action words…Spin….Sweat…..Shred….and most importantly, Smile!  With expert instruction, challenging classes, and top of the line equipment, our goal is for you to surprise yourself with your own progress.  Our classes, personal and group training sessions are designed to help you maximize cardiovascular strength in an intimate studio environment.   

Why the name?  Red is a color of action, energy, passion, and courage.  Red has a strong symbolism to life, vitality, and survival and Red Riders are willing to train as hard as they dare.  You can spin like your pedals are on fire. You can box your blues away.  You can carve out a strong, lean, athletic physique with TRX suspension trainers, sandbells, and a variety of fun, functional training tools our trainers will combine with cardio intervals.  As Nelson Mandela stated, “Greatness is within all of us….What will you do when it is your turn?”.  Red Riders choose a path of health and wellness that soothes the soul, spikes endorphins, and drives results.  Choose a path that drives you to being your very best self. 

At Red Ride Fitness, we believe in the magic of movement and the importance of fun, fitness and comradery.  From any perspective, the ability to create the life you want is not based on resumes or degrees, but on giving yourself permission to be who you are.  Set attainable goals. Try new things.  Do not be afraid to fail, and by all means, use the world as your playground.  You are writing the script as you go along and the possibilities are endless.  Red Riders are warriors and seekers of change. Change the way you train. Change the benefits to your body by maximizing cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, tone and flexibility.  Show up and be prepared for an intense workout.   


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