The mission of Red Riders is to “Spin. Sweat. Shred….and Smile!” Key to inducing long lasting smiles is throwing a little travel in the mix with a great group of fellow fitness seekers who want to mix it up and have fun!

Red Ride FitTravel is a fitness concierge service offered for fitness seekers on the go or who want to be on the go occasionally! Red Riders will have the opportunity to participate in fantastic fitness oriented and fun focused quarterly trips to amazing destinations.  Each trip will be grounded by daily morning workouts at the best fitness facilities in the country, optional afternoon activities, and reserved dinners at the hippest restaurants in each of our four key destination cities.  First destination…..Sunny Miami, March, 2014.  If you’re interested in learning more….contact Jill Wood at 502-299-0878.
Red Ride FitTravel can also create custom personalized workout schedules for clients on the go, for business, or pleasure.  Workouts will be planned in a range of studios to offer clients a variety of new experiences when traveling. All the booking will be done for you and confirmed prior to your arrival.  If interested in learning more….contact Jill Wood at 502-299-0878
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