Louisville Personal or Group Training at Red Ride FitnessPersonal / Group Training

Wanna’ sweat, shred, and smile?  Our Nationally Certified personal trainers can make achieving your fitness goals more enjoyable and motivating than ever! 

Red Riders expect variety, great music, an intimate studio environment, and the camaraderie and energy derived from the experience…and that’s what Red Ride Fitness delivers! Our ACE-certified personal trainers train in groups of 1-6 participants.  Their job is to push you towards a healthier lifestyle and achieve amazing results, and above all, make it fun!   

Red Riders know that it is NEVER too late to work on your athleticism.  Why?  Aging is unavoidable; however, exercise can mitigate its effects and may actually promote healthier, more youthful physiological functions.(Kraemer, Fleck &Deschenes, 2012). 

Our well-rounded training program includes three key components: cardiorespiratory exercise, strength training, and a focus on balance/flexibility.  Surround yourself with others that inspire you to be at your best, whether it is shaving time off for your next marathon, getting back in the swing of things after a prior injury, or getting back to a healthier you……We all have it within ourselves to live extraordinarily. 

Come join us as we sweat, shred and smile!

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