Louisville Spinning Classes at Red Ride FitnessLouisville Spin Class at Red Ride FitnessSpinning

We searched high and low for the Mercedes of indoor cycling bikes .  Red Ride Fitness is proud to be the ONLY Louisville-based studio that offers clients the very best indoor bike around, the Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle, otherwise known as the ‘smooth rider”.   Utilizing magnetic resistance, the Keiser M3 simply offers the smoothest, quietest, most effective ride available, and that smooth pedal stroke is key if you are cross-training or like other athletes, trying to keep those knees healthy for many years to come.

What should you bring with you? Towels are complimentary.  Filtered water is available. Please bring your own water bottles to fill up. We do have one unisex bathroom with one shower and cubbies for storage, but please remember we are not responsible for lost or stolen items so valuables should stay at home.
Red Ride Etiquette is simple and straight to the point……Based on the intensity of the ride, you will sweat buckets.  Wipe off all bikes and mats following your spin, and remember, during class, talk is cheap and makes it hard for others to hear the instructor.  Focus on your ride and the energy of the group and all will be good in the world.
Show up when you sign up online.  24 hour cancellation policy is required or your scheduled class will be charged to your series and we would much rather have you spinning, sweating, shredding, and smiling, as scheduled.
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